Factory best selling - YS220 gator AM EAS hard tag for clothes shop/shoe shop and supermarket – Yasen

The anti-theft hard tag frequency is 8.2mhz for radio frequency and 58kmhz for acoustic magnetic. It has high sensitivity and is used with anti-theft system. The detection distance is generally between 1-1.8 meters. Anti-theft hard tags are widely used in supermarkets, clothing stores, shopping malls, etc. The anti-theft hard tag is used in conjunction with the anti-theft nail to align the anti-theft pin with the anti-theft tag lock core hole, and is inserted in the clothing, footwear and other commodities to protect the merchandise. Only after the merchandise is paid at the checkout counter, the cashier unlocks the anti-theft nail through the unlocker. And labels, goods can bring out the store. If it is not unlocked, the anti-theft tag will issue an alarm through the anti-theft system door.

The hard tag is rugged, beautiful in appearance and can be reused. It is generally used for 1-2 years.


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Our EAS products are widely used in.many scopes, such as supermarket, lothing store, cosmetic shop, digital shop, library and shoes shop.By serving for large customergroups from different areas, we have engaged in offering full set of suitable EAS anti-theft solution Enhance great experience for many years, we are making effort to provide more better service.